About White Butterflies

White butterflies have many meanings.

They are thought to symbolize everything from good luck, changing weather, departed souls, spiritual change, and even to predict death.

So, basically, they are reminders of how nothing stays the same. Reminders of pure change.

And in this world right now, nothing is more evident than change.

They also remind of perspective, of perception. And of watching over others.

I’ve created this site as a reminder to embrace this change. To continue to promote it.

I offer perspective on topics like parenting, civil rights, poverty, mental health.

I will challenge stereotypes and biases. I will show perspective. I will share thoughts and poetry. Try to challenge the current societal tide of intolerance and judgemental minds.

I will do my part to be a White Butterfly.

This site is dedicated to my mom and dad, who never doubted in my ability to do just that.