My White Butterflies

Ever since I moved into my new apartment, after the failing of owning my own home, I have noticed a curious couple of white butterflies; flittering about my small, allocated, outdoor space in the back.

First noticed almost a year ago, I did some research then and found that some believe these white butterflies to be signs of changes soon to come. Weather, death, new life…pretty much what goes down in our real lives.

And I created a space for them.

Since starting this site, I have had many changes; professional and personal, and The White Butterflies has reflected those.

Once again, it will be changing.

As I have decided that my perspectives and my understandings…my priorities and my goals…have also changed.

The White Butterflies, and myself, are worthy of a re-do.

Please feel free to reach out, and thank you for reading, as I attempt another life metamorphosis.